Monday, 12 March 2018

First March Meeting

Our first meeting for March was actually also on the first day of March.  Evelyn kindly took the photos for me as I was unable to go.

We had a couple of extra people along today - Darlene doesn't get to many meetings these days and we also had a new member Jennifer (friend of Cheryl’s) join us.  Welcome Jennifer.

Quite a few quilts were delivered:

Good to see so many organisations benefitting from our work.

We didn't have many quilts this week.  Not surprising since we had 2 blockbuster meetings earlier this year.

First two quilts are by Bev

Evelyn brought three quilts in.

This is Helen's crop of beanies of all sizes, a shawl, scarf and flannel wrap

And last but not least Robin.

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Our next meeting is on the 15th March - the Ides of March.  According to the Web, that is the day the Romans set for settling debts, and was the date of the assassination of Julius Caesar. And I thought it was famous because of Shakespeare! 

Wednesday, 28 February 2018


So this is the first meeting for February because we actually had a day out with lunch at Brooklyn on our official first February meeting.  And did we do an amazing job this time??  Yes, yes, yes!  Remember the spectacularly huge bunch of quilts last meeting?  Well we equalled it this time, with 30 completed quilts and a bunch of beanies, scarves and baby wraps.

We had two lovely letters; one from St Mary's Villa thanking us for our donation of quilts and one from the Fred Hollows Foundation, thanking us for the cash we donated from our Christmas whip-around.

But the truly exciting news is that there is an article about our group which has been published by the magazine Australian Patchwork & Quilting in the current issue - Volume 27 No. 12.  That's the front cover on the left.

 First off the rank in Show & Tell was Bev who brought in three ....

She also quilted this one, which was made by Jill
Coleen's friends Maureen and Margaret donated a huge pile of gorgeous Japanese fabrics and panels a few weeks back.  Evelyn had great fun making them up into no less than 7 quilts.

A huge thank you to Maureen & Margaret for their generous donation which has enabled us to make so many quilts.  And to Coleen for being the enabler.
Evelyn also made these next 3 quilts.

Robin made the following 5 quilts

Helen made up 2 little flannel wraps, and a bunch of beanies & scarves.  The beanies are extremely popular in the nursing homes and in the Palliative care unit.

Robin quilted this beautiful Queen sized quilt, donated by Dawn
And Jan used some donated hexagons to make this up
This was another donation
Jill made the next two

And Cheryl this lot....


Aren't the last two just so cheery??
That's it for now - hope I got all of that right.

Monday, 12 February 2018

Hello to 2018

We had our first meeting for this year mid-January.  I have been totally slack and not put up a post yet.  Thought I had better do that since the next meeting is this Thursday!

Bev, Cheryl and Jill reported that they went to the Concord Hospital Palliative Care unit's Christmas morning tea for volunteers, which they thoroughly enjoyed.  The Unit Manager gave them a guided tour of the facilities.

We also discussed a couple of new options for donations.  More on that later, should we proceed with that.

We had an amazing number of quilts come in.  Absolutely everyone outdid themselves over the Christmas/New Year break.  Without any further ado, this is what happened:

The first 6 are from Evelyn:

The one above (blurry photo - sorry!) and the next are made from the same pattern.  Isn't it amazing what a difference fabric makes to the outcome?

The fabrics for this one were donated by Coleen.

Cheryl made this one with donated blocks:

And she quilted this one made by Dasha

Cheryl also made this one:
The next two were kindly donated by QuiltNSW

Cheryl quilted this one, the top was a donation:

Jan brought in 6 quilts.  The first was a partially complete donation - hand pieced:

This next one was also a partially completed English Paper Pieced quilt donated to the group, which Jan completed.

This one made by Dasha

Bev made the next three:

Apologies for the poor quality of the next photo.  Gorgeous novelty fabrics with dogs, and I have taken a dodgy blurred image.

And Helen was busy knitting oodles of beanies and scarves, and some little baby wraps as well:

So now would you like to see what all of that looks like?  The is the entire dance area in the hall covered with quilts. However not all of them are complete yet, so not shown in the photos above.  The efforts of 9 members!

We decided to have our annual January excursion on the 1st February, and we will be going to have lunch at Brooklyn on the Hawkesbury River. For those of you who are not familiar with Sydney, this is about 1 hour on the train north - the Hawkesbury is the northern limit of  the outer metropolitan area.
See you in February.