Tuesday, 10 October 2017

More September News

Our second meeting for the month of September was held on the 21st September. 

News this week is that Cheryl and Bev took 10 children's quilts, 18 laps, 10 single quilts and 4 scarves & 3 beanies to the Domestic Violence unit in Burwood.  What they can't use in that centre gets diverted to country centres and other places where required.

Jill took 10 children's quilts and 10 beanies to Ronald MacDonald House, and a raffle quilt to Concord Hospital which is raising money for their Aged Care unit.

Lots of lovely quilts came in today for me to share with you.

This first one is Bev's:

Not sure who made this, but it was quilted by Bev:

Bev also made this one from some gorgeous Japanese fabrics. 
Cheryl quilted this one:

Evelyn made this one:
And she quilted this one made by Coleen.
This is an interesting panel - click on the photo to enlarge it a bit.  The fabric was dyed, then the design printed on top.  Cheryl quilted it.


Cheryl also made this one.

Ann made this one:

And Jill made the next three:

Helen made up these little flannel wraps

And these beanies and scarf.

Well done ladies!

Sunday, 17 September 2017


In Australia the 1st of September is officially the first day of Spring.  Well the first Thursday, our meeting day, was actually the seventh, but for me that is close enough.

We had another busy day.  We conduct our business while we have lunch.  Today we decided that we would send 10 children's quilts, 18 lap quilts and 10 singles to the Burwood Women's and Girls Emergency Centre.  Our new member Helen, has been churning out knitted and crocheted hats and scarves.  These will go to the Burwood Centre too.

We planned our Christmas lunch (very important business!!).  Robin has been kind enough to offer to host again.  It will be on 30th November, and will be our last meeting for the year.

Next came the Show and Tell for this meeting.

Made by Dasha, quilted by Cheryl.  This fabric was donated by Jill some time ago, and this quilt is the fourth made from that fabric!  Thank you Jill for the generous donation.

Next up were two quilts quilted by Evelyn; not sure who made the first one...

This one was made by Ann.

Bev was super busy this week.  She made these next 3 quilts from donated fabrics.

Some fun doggy novelty fabrics in there - I remember them coming in as a donation last month. 

Bev also quilted this one made by Dasha

And this one made by Maria

And this is our new member Helen, modelling a hat and scarf she has made.  She has also made up 4 little kids wraps.

Jill and Ann selected 10 quilts for Ronald McDonald House.  Four people pinned quilts, keeping Evelyn busy cutting backs and wadding to supply them, and four were sewing the labels on the completed tops.

Never enough time on meeting days!


Sunday, 6 August 2017

First Meeting for August

We had an interesting thing happen while we were having lunch today; the lady who teaches English as a Second Language in one of the other rooms on a Thursday morning came in to ask if she could bring her students in one morning so she could teach them some of the terms used in sewing, and patchwork in particular.  That will be set up for one of the future meetings.
We also had Jill's neighbour, Helen come to visit.  She makes throws for babies, and crochets.  Looks like she may join us once in a while.  Welcome Helen.
I have a huge bunch of photos to show this week.  Apologies for the poor quality on a couple of these.  I came in late and had to take the photos quickly before the quilts were whisked away.
First up are half a dozen beanies that Helen has made.  They will be included with our next donation to the Concord Hospital Palliative Care Unit
Bev did a smashing job of quilting the first quilt.  Beautiful circle of feathers in the plain blocks.  (click on the photo to see a larger version of the photo)

The next 2 were made by Jill, quilted by Bev.

Blocks donated, top pieced by Dasha, quilting by Bev.  You can't see it for the dreadful photography, but there are lovely vines running down the sashing.

Next two were a bunch of donated blocks which Bev put together and then quilted.

This one is by Evelyn.

The next 6 quilts were all donated by Yvonne, a friend of Robin's, as tops.  What a generous donation!!  Thank you Yvonne.  They were all quilted by Evelyn.  An amazing job as she is in the throes of selling a house and moving. 

Jill selected the following quilts to be donated to Kathleen York House for the kids there. (There's one more which didn't fit in the photo)

Well that's it for now.  Thanks for visiting today.

Friday, 28 July 2017

Second Meeting for July

Last week we all met for our second meeting in July.

Jill told us that we had delivered 7 lap quilts for the mums and 7 quilts for their kids to Kathleen York House.

We have also had a mention in the Concord Senior Citizen's Club's President's Report advising that Melica Milic from Westmead Children's Hospital had accepted our donation of baby wraps and quilts at their morning tea on June 26th.

Here are the quilts which came in this week. 

The first two were donated by Yvonne, a friend of Robin's from QuiltNSW.

Thank you Yvonne!
Next is a quilt made by a friend of Dasha's, Gillian from Friday Quilters.  It was quilted by Cheryl.

Cheryl quilted some great feathers in each block.

Cheryl also quilted this one made by Dasha.
And Evelyn made the last two.

Each time I post I show photos of the finished quilts, but that really doesn't give the full picture; there is just so much that goes on each meeting that never makes an appearance because it is "background" stuff.  So starting with this post, I thought I would put together some stories of the quiet ones who work away in the corners and are never seen by the public.  Without them, we wouldn't exist!
Today I want to start by talking about the donations.  We get a large number of those, mostly fabrics, but sometimes part finished tops or blocks (we call them UFO's or Un-Finished Objects), and occasionally a completed top or quilt.  This is part of what came in this week (I wasn't quick enough with the camera, and some had already been taken for sorting). 

This week's donations came from Lesley and Yvonne, and piles of that were novelties featuring animals especially dogs.  Amongst this generous haul were several completed quilt tops made by Yvonne (remember the first two quilts I showed you earlier in this post?)
Each week Ann sorts the donations, measures and folds the fabrics and then finally stores them into colour piles in the cupboard.  The smaller pieces go into tubs stored under the stage, and the UFO's in a separate tub.  Ann patiently toils away keeping our stash in some sort of order.  This cupboard is where the larger pieces for backings etc., are stored.

You should have seen that cupboard before Ann decided to take that job on!!  Awesome job Ann. 

Group members often grab some fabric from the stash to go with the quilt they are making, or for borders.  Quite often you'll find one of us rummaging around for some inspiration too. 

This is Coleen.  She does loads of the ironing, and is always available for the other back of the scenes jobs.  She almost always manages to source the donations for us too, and brings in huge quantities from her contacts.

The last couple of weeks she has been in the back corner, quietly putting together a quilt top.  Remember I told you a few posts ago about the kits Evelyn has been cutting up for us from the scraps? 

Jackie has been working with Coleen, and is also putting together a top.  Here she is laying out the rows; she's nearly finished hers - hers is the green, and Coleen's the purple on the right.

Jackie is usually in that back corner piecing backings, and many of the quilts you see featured in the posts have backings made by Jackie.  She makes life heaps easier for the others doing that.

More on the back of the scenes jobs next time.